version 2.9 

FixPal is an open-source utility for palette reduction of multiple files. It may help you when you creating application with many bitmaps in 8-bit color mode, because it creates common palette for all your bitmaps. (they can be 8,15,16,24 or 32 bit)

This program can do 2 things: It can create common palette for your files, and/or remap your bitmap files to new palette (specified or created by FixPal). For details about creating common palette read fixpal.txt included in

What's new:

- Version 2.9 (20/09/01)

- released as open-source

- Version 2.8a (28/03/99)

- fixed very ugly bug in 'c' method

- Version 2.8 (27/03/99)

- editpal improved (added cut, copy, paste, insert, gradient and inverse)

- Version 2.7 (15/03/99)

- few bugfixes in editpal
- method is now optional (default method is g)
- when you use -p parameter it will not remap colors to new palette
- when reading palettes from 8 bit files, it scales r,g,b to fit in range (0-255) not (0-63) - that was done because of hi/truecolor files
- because of previous fix, color tolerance accepted values are from 0-255 and in -t and -nt parameters you have to use 0-255 for r,g,b
- added -l parameter to save logfile. Maybe I will save some useful information there in future. ;)
- added -r parameter - with this parameter turned on you will get same results with true/hicolor images as in previous version

- Version 2.6 (14/02/99)

- improved guess method - now it produce better results - try it!
- improved speed
- new parameter -d - use it, if you want fixpal only create common palette
- hi/truecolor input files supported (and tested)
- changed my "bestfit" algorithm - to 3d color distance
- minor bugfixes


- two methods for creating common palette
- you can specify your own common palette
- support for transparent colors
- supported PCX, TGA and BMP files
- hi/truecolor input files supported
- palette editor in truecolor GUI

You can download source-only distribution of FixPal here. I do not provide support for these sources. I can't guarantee they will compile, or work properly. I had no problems compiling them with DJGPP and Allegro 3.11, so I hope you won't have them too. It also needs BGui library to compile.

You can also download it as DOS executable binary.

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